Annemie Neyts over de 80ste verjaardag van Brigitte Bardot – Radio 1


Brigitte Bardot 80!

Brigitte Bardot 80!
Brigitte Bardot wordt zondag 80 jaar. Rolmodel en icoon; zo wordt ze al jaren genoemd. Maar welke invloed heeft ze écht gehad op mensen?

Donderdag 25 september:

Deze vrouw heeft 70 van de 80 jaren van Bardot zelf meegemaakt. Je zou haar misschien niet meteen met Bardot associëren, maar toch heeft ze verrassend veel over BB te vertellen: europarlementslid Annemie Neyts. Reporter Ward Bogaert ging haar opzoeken.


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EEAS Press Release: EU Election Observation Mission deployed in Tunisia, Annemie Neyts Chief Observer


Brussels, 19 September 2014

140919/02 EEAS Press Release


EU EOM deployed in Tunisia

In response to an invitation by the Tunisian authorities, the European Union has deployed its Election Observation Mission (EU EOM) to observe the upcoming elections in Tunisia. Catherine Ashton, High Representative of the Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy and Vice-President of the Commission, appointed as Chief Observer Mrs Annemie Neyts- Uyttebroek, a Member of the European Parliament.

“The EU has received an invitation by the Tunisian authorities”, said Chief Observer Annemie Neyts. “The EU deployed an Election Observation Mission to Tunisia in 2011 and has been invited again to observe the upcoming elections in Tunisia. We are here to observe the elections and we will not interfere in the process in any way. I trust that this EU Observation Mission will be able to provide an important contribution to enhancing the inclusiveness and transparency of the election process in Tunisia. The mission complements the overall support of the EU to Tunisia in order to successfully advance its democratic transition”.

The EU EOM arrived with a Core Team of eight experts on 17 September in Tunis. A second group of 28 long-term observers will join EU EOM on 29 September and another 28 short-term observers will be deployed on 21 October throughout the country together with a delegation of the European Parliament for the election days. Additionally, a significant number of locally recruited short-term observers from diplomatic representations of EU Member States in Tunisia will also take part in the observation plus observers from Canada, Norway and Switzerland.

The EU EOM will conduct a comprehensive analysis of the entire electoral process based on a long-term observation in line with domestic law as well as regional and international standards. This analysis will include aspects such as the legal framework, the performance of the election administration, the campaign activities of the candidates and political parties, the respect of fundamental freedoms, the conduct of the media, the voting and the counting, the complaints and appeals process, and the announcement of the results.

The EU EOM is bound by a code of conduct which does not allow any interference in the process. The EU EOM will publish its initial findings in a Preliminary Statement, which will be presented in a press conference about two days after the election days but prior to the completion of the entire electoral process. A final report will be published at a later stage, and will include recommendations, for consideration to the authorities, for possible improvements of future elections.


For more information, see the EU EOM webpage:


ALDE MEPs: We must stop the advance of ISIS

alde press release


Strasbourg, 18 September 2014


ALDE MEPs: We must stop the advance of ISIS


We must stop the advance of ISIS as a matter of urgency in order to facilitate humanitarian support. ALDE MEPs supported a strongly worded resolution on this today adopted by the European Parliament in Strasbourg.

Annemie Neyts-Uyttebroeck (Open VLD, Belgium) ALDE Foreign Affairs Coordinator said ” We have many challenges to face in this crisis – military, political, societal and humanitarian. There is a need for increased humanitarian assistance including a better protection of minorities’ especially religious minorities.”
ALDE believe that the EU should develop a comprehensive policy approach to the region and, notably, that Iran, Saudi Arabia and the other Gulf states need to be included as essential players in any de-escalation effort in Syria and Iraq


She continued “A coalition is being put together to take military action to stop the advance of ISIS but if Afghanistan has taught us anything it is, that groups like this are not easily defeated so we will also need political answers. We must support a unified government in Iraq and support a transition in Syria to create more political stability in the region. We also need to strengthen the regimes in Jordan and the Lebanon. ”


Sanctions must be tightened to prevent the ISIS from selling oil, by putting pressure on all those involved in the transport, transformation, refinement and commercialization of oil extracted in ISIS controlled areas together with a strict control of the financial flows in order to prevent economic activities and the exploitation of tax-havens by ISIS
In conclusion, Javier Nart MEP(Ciudadanos, Spain) “In the face of torture, slavery, rape and mass killings there is only one possible effective response and that is a military response. The war against barbarism cannot remain in the realms of the rhetoric of politically correct and hypocritically ineffective statements.”




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