Liberal International 62nd Congress Dakar, Senegal . 28/11 -01/12 2018

With the Andorra Liberal Manifesto in hand, the global liberal family returns to the cradle of West African democracy to debate the future of liberalism . This 62nd Congress of Liberal International will be held in cooperation with the Senegalese member parties  APR, PDS and REWMI.


Annemie Neyts-Uyttebroeck, President of Honor Liberal International ( Open VLD)  will chair some sessions of the congress.

Mrs. Hakima el Haité, Former Moroccan Minister, ( Mouvement Populaire) will be elected new President of LI.

Among the speakers at the congress:

  • H.E. Macky Sall, President of Senegal , APR
  • H.E. Charles Michel, Prime Minister of Belgium, MR
  • H.E. Alassane Ouattara, President of Ivory Coast, RDR

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ALDE Party Congress Madrid 2018

The 39th ALDE Party Congress takes place on Thursday 8 – Saturday 10 November in Madrid.


Minister of State Annemie Neyts-Uyttebroeck, former president of the ALDE Party,  is leading the Open VLD delegation.

The annual Congress brings together more than 1.000 liberals from all across Europe and offers 3 days of in-depth policy discussions , captivating votes and elections ( of the buro-members)  as well as lively social and networking gatherings.


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Op 21 en 22 juni grijpt in Berlijn het 200-ste EC plaats van de Liberale Internationale. Een jubileum-meeting dus!

In het kader van deze meeting zijn er ook vergaderingen voorzien van het “Human Rights Committee of LI”, van het ” Bureau of LI” en van het ” Bureau van de ELF ” ( European Liberal Foundation.

Ook is er de voorstelling voorzien van de ” Publication of the Andorra Manifesto”.

Annemie neemt als Honorary President van de Liberale Internationale en als Bureau-member van ELF aan alle meetings deel.

ELF-buro in Berlijn

De Raad van Bestuur van de European Liberal Foundation waarvan Annemie deel uitmaakt kwam op 15 en 16 maart bijeen in Berlijn

Treaty of Rome . Commemorative Ceremony 25 march 2017

ALDE Party and the Friedrich  Naumann Foundation Europe organise a festive ceremony on Saturday 25 March  at Château Sainte Anne  in Brussels.

At 15:00 CET, we will have the interventions from Mechtild von Alemann, former MEP and Secretary General ALDE Party ( 1985 – 1190) and from Annemie Neyts-Uyttebroeck, ALDE Party president 2005-2011, Minister of State , former MEP


197th LI ( World Federation of Liberalism) Executive Committee Meeting 11-13 November 2016, Marrakech, Morocco

Annemie Neyts-Uyttebroeck will participate !

This LI EC will place climate change centre-stage of liberal policies for 3 days as delegates prepare also to participate in the UN’s Climate Change Summit COP22.

At the invitation of LI Vice-President and Morocco’s Minister of Environment, Mrs Hakima el Haite, the meeting will be convened in close cooperation with the 3 Moroccan LI-memberparties ” Mouvement Populaire (MP)”, “Union Constitutionelle (UC)” and “Rassemblement Nationale des Indépendants (RNI)”

Meetings and conferences hosted by FNS, ALDE-party, ELF, ALF , IFLRY will also be part of the programme.

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Annemie Neyts terug lid van de raad van bestuur van ELF ( European Liberal Forum)

Mededeling van het ELF:

” On Friday 23 September  the General Assembly of ELF elected their new Board for the 2016-2018 term. Jürgen Martens  ( FDP Germany) has been elected as the new President of the EFL.

The rest of the board consists of: Olle Schmidt ( Swedish Liberalerna) and Martina Diabajovà ( MEP,  Czech ANO ) as Vice Presidents, Igor Caldeira ( Former LYMEC)  as Treasurer and Annemie Neyts-Uyttebroeck ( Former MEP,  Former ALDE Party President, Joesef Lentsch ( Neos) and Csaba Tòth ( Hungarian think tank Republicon) as Bord Members”.


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