Zelenski nominated for Liberal International Prize for Freedom

Photo: Gleb Albovsky, Unsplash

Tijdens de jongste vergadering in maart van het bureau van de Liberale Internationale heb ik voorgesteld President Zelenski voor te dragen voor de Prize For Freedom. Jaarlijks kent de LI deze prijs toe aan een personaliteit die een uitzonderlijke bijdrage leverde  voor de vooruitgang en de promotie van de Rechten van de Mens en van de Politieke Vrijheden. Officieel moet de nominatie uitgaan van een lidorganisatie van de LI. Op mijn voorstel heeft Open VLD nu President Zelenski formeel voorgedragen. Het Executive Committee van LI zal op zijn meeting van 1 juli in SOFIA, tussen alle voorgedragen nominaties beslissen. De meeting van het LI Executive Committee maakt deel uit van het  programma van het 75ste Jubeleum Congress van LI dat doorgaat van 30 juni tot 3 juli in Sofia ( Bulgarije). Hieronder de nominatie door Open VLD.

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ALDE Party Congress Madrid 2018

The 39th ALDE Party Congress takes place on Thursday 8 – Saturday 10 November in Madrid.


Minister of State Annemie Neyts-Uyttebroeck, former president of the ALDE Party,  is leading the Open VLD delegation.

The annual Congress brings together more than 1.000 liberals from all across Europe and offers 3 days of in-depth policy discussions , captivating votes and elections ( of the buro-members)  as well as lively social and networking gatherings.


For more info visit : www.alde.eu


Treaty of Rome . Commemorative Ceremony 25 march 2017

ALDE Party and the Friedrich  Naumann Foundation Europe organise a festive ceremony on Saturday 25 March  at Château Sainte Anne  in Brussels.

At 15:00 CET, we will have the interventions from Mechtild von Alemann, former MEP and Secretary General ALDE Party ( 1985 – 1190) and from Annemie Neyts-Uyttebroeck, ALDE Party president 2005-2011, Minister of State , former MEP


ALDE MEPs: We must stop the advance of ISIS

alde press release


Strasbourg, 18 September 2014


ALDE MEPs: We must stop the advance of ISIS


We must stop the advance of ISIS as a matter of urgency in order to facilitate humanitarian support. ALDE MEPs supported a strongly worded resolution on this today adopted by the European Parliament in Strasbourg.

Annemie Neyts-Uyttebroeck (Open VLD, Belgium) ALDE Foreign Affairs Coordinator said ” We have many challenges to face in this crisis – military, political, societal and humanitarian. There is a need for increased humanitarian assistance including a better protection of minorities’ especially religious minorities.”
ALDE believe that the EU should develop a comprehensive policy approach to the region and, notably, that Iran, Saudi Arabia and the other Gulf states need to be included as essential players in any de-escalation effort in Syria and Iraq


She continued “A coalition is being put together to take military action to stop the advance of ISIS but if Afghanistan has taught us anything it is, that groups like this are not easily defeated so we will also need political answers. We must support a unified government in Iraq and support a transition in Syria to create more political stability in the region. We also need to strengthen the regimes in Jordan and the Lebanon. ”


Sanctions must be tightened to prevent the ISIS from selling oil, by putting pressure on all those involved in the transport, transformation, refinement and commercialization of oil extracted in ISIS controlled areas together with a strict control of the financial flows in order to prevent economic activities and the exploitation of tax-havens by ISIS
In conclusion, Javier Nart MEP(Ciudadanos, Spain) “In the face of torture, slavery, rape and mass killings there is only one possible effective response and that is a military response. The war against barbarism cannot remain in the realms of the rhetoric of politically correct and hypocritically ineffective statements.”




For further information

Neil Corlett: +33-3-88 17 41 67 or +32-478-78 22 84

e-mail: neil.corlett@europarl.europa.eu

Edel Crosse: +33-3-88 17 35 61 or +32-498-16 17 80

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79.496 keer bedankt!

openvld eu

79.496 keer bedankt voor uw vertrouwen bij de laatste Europese verkiezingen


Ik ben terug Lid van de Commissie Buitenlandse Zaken en de Commissie Veiligheid en Defensie. Ook ben ik Lid van de Delegatie voor de betrekkingen met de Parlementaire Vergadering van de NAVO en Plaatsvervangend Lid van de Delegatie in de Paritaire Parlementaire Vergadering ACS-EU.

Ik ben vereerd om het vertrouwen van mijn collega’s die me vroegen om Coördinator van de Commissie Buitenlandse Zaken voor ALDE te zijn.


Op het programma in Straatsburg deze week: Oekraïne en Irak.


Annemie Neyts in plenaire vergadering over de situatie in Syrië

Annemie Neyts is van mening dat er geen militaire oplossing is voor het huidige conflict in Syrië.

“Alleen een politieke oplossing kan een einde maken aan het geweld, de verwoestingen en bloedvergieten. Vernieuwde inspanningen om de Geneva onderhandelingen te hervatten zijn nodig en de verschillende oppositiepartijen moeten worden aangemoedigd zich te bundelen en open te stellen voor vertegenwoordigers van de maatschappelijke samenleving. Bachar al-Assad moet zich terug trekken zodat er een einde komt aan de blinde vernieling van een heel land en het verlies en verstoring van duizenden levens”.


ALDE MEPS convinced that Ukraine’s future remains with Europe



alde press release





Brussels,  26  November 2013


ALDE MEPS convinced that Ukraine’s future remains with Europe


Last week Ukraine announced that it will halt discussions with the EU on a political and trade association agreement following a vote by the Ukrainian Parliament to reject the EU’s demands to allow jailed opposition leader Yulia Tymoshenko to leave the country for medical treatment.  ALDE MEPs regret the decision and  remain convinced, along with 60% of the Ukrainian population many of whom demonstrated on the streets of Kiev this weekend, that Ukraine’s best prospects remain in closer association with the EU.


Annemie Neyts, MEP (Open VLD, BE) ALDE spokesperson on the Foreign Affairs committee stated ” The run-up to the Eastern Partnership Summit in Vilnius has taken a major blow with news that Ukraine has stopped its preparations to sign the Association Agreement with the EU at the Vilnius summit this week.  I remain convinced that the best future for Ukraine is to strengthen its links and cooperation, both economic and political, with the European Union. “


Hans van Baalen (VVD, The Netherlands) ALDE Spokesperson on Ukraine added “At the moment of truth, President Yanukovych decided to bow to Russian pressure and ignore the longer-term interests of the majority of Ukrainian people. The mass demonstrations in favour of European Association in Kiev and elsewhere in the country prove that the Ukrainian people want to choose an independent future determined by themselves and in the interests of Ukraine, without Russian blackmail.  I hope that Yanukovych will listen to the voice of reason coming from the streets of his own country“.


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