UN midterm review conference of the Istanbul Program of action for the Least Developed Countries.

Short report by Annemie Neyts:

” In my capacity of Minister of State of Belgium , I headed the Belgian delegation at the UN Conference .  I sat on the panel of 3 so-called side events on ‘ Growth , Employment and Work in the LDC’s, on ‘Tackling Risks and Vulnerabilities’ , and on ‘ Taking technology to the Last Mile’.

I adressed the Plenary on Friday afternoon, chaired the Plenary on Sunday morning, co-chaired a Round Table on Sunday and reported  on that Round Table on Sunday afternoon.  Together with Benin, Belgium had co-facilitated the Political Declaration on the comprehensive High Level Mid-Term review. This Political Declaration  was unanimously approved. It is an important document  which details  both the weaknesses and the successes of the Program of Action for the Least Developed Countries ( LDC’s).

I underline the importance of the commitments made by the developed countries to devote at least  50% of their Official Development Assistance  ( ODA) and at least  0,20 % of their GDP to the LDC’s. I also stress that no development is sustainable in given society, it is indispensable to ensure the participation  of women and girls .”

The conference took place in Antalya, Turkey, from  27 till 29 May 2016